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The only personalized financial, accounting, and strategic software that gives your business what it needs to be profitable

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HFA Profit is the only digital system in the market that exists to give business owners, managers, and operators the data they need to run their business... real time net profit insights, streamlined accounting, and proactive financial reporting.

- Matt Moyer, Founder HFA BRIDGE

It's more than a just a reporting tool

As individuals, it's easy for us to figure out how much money we have every day... check your wallet for cash, log in and see your online bank statement, even breaking open the piggy bank.  It's not that easy in the restaurant world. Each day brings on new sales and new bills, combined with the normal day-to-day expenses like rent payments, insurance, loan payoffs, credit card bills... the list goes on and on.

With HFA Profit, you can now see real-time net income.  We do more than take your daily point of sale info and send it back to you in different formats.  Our team does daily income analysis using on-the-ground forecasting, declining checkbook analysis, and daily/weekly/monthly.yearly budget formulas.  No more wasting time punching numbers into a calculator, having operations managers spend hours over reports, or even paying for a bookkeeper to come up with detailed spreadsheets.

We provide the real-time analytics you need along with advanced business insights better than anyone else.  

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