As we approach another US holiday, this one being Fourth of July and America’s birthday, there is another headline regarding fashion crossing the line of offensive, but why this time? Nike released a limited edition Fourth Of July sneaker with an American Flag but recently pulled the entire line due to the American flag being “offensive” and drawing ties from slavery. Fashion lines have continuously come under fire in recent years, including sport brands as leagues like the NFL have taken a hit with controversy surrounding player Colin Kaepernick. Surprise, but he’s done it again with influencing Nike’s withdrawal. He sparked claims that the sneaker was offensive and Nike listened. In my opinion, this is a serious stretch but Nike is one of the largest global brands with a loyal following and would rather remove the sneaker than be involved with another controversy and for the reason, I think it was a smart move. As some of you might know, Nike is also battling with NBA superstar Kawhi Leonard for “stealing” a logo that he claims he created. Marketing, especially for these larger brands and when they involve brand ambassadors, collaborators, and so forth can get tricky and honestly quit political. The way something is perceived from all angles needs to be addressed ahead of time. I’m sure Nike has a team that meets with these considerations, but they clearly took a chance and inevitably got shut down.